Daily Buzz: Practice Self-Care During the Workday

How to take time for yourself without losing productivity. Also: Change management strategies that associations of all sizes can employ.

During particularly stressful times, self-care is essential. Don’t feel like you have enough personal time? You can tackle self-care during the workday right at your desk.

“Unfortunately, so many leaders are falling into the trap of grinding as hard as they can during business hours and reserving personal time for any self-care practices,” says Mandy Gilbert, founder and chief executive of Creative Niche, in Inc. “The truth is we should all be doing more to check in on our mental health during the stresses of our 9-to-5 gig.”

Gilbert says workers can practice effective self-care in minutes; you don’t need to find a 30-minute window of free time in the middle of the workday. One strategy is to wind down with a five-minute meditation session.

“Having a good mindset during the workday will cause a positive ripple effect through your team,” Gilbert says. “Even a quick five-minute meditation with apps like Calm or Simple Habit is a great way to shake up any negative thoughts.”

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to practice self-care alone. A short conversation with family or friends can help you through difficult times. Worried about having personal conversations during work hours? Don’t be, Gilbert argues.

“Speaking from firsthand experience, it can be so rejuvenating to take a moment and check in with your loved ones once or twice a day,” she says. “It lifts your spirits, satisfies your need for socialization, and can even make you more productive.”

Effective Change Management for Associations

Change is a constant for organizations, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Some employees might be resistant to change they might feel is forced on them.

“How can you combat this form of resistance? For larger associations, try using anonymous surveys throughout the project to see what’s working and what isn’t,” says a recent post from Protech Associates. “For smaller organizations, use one-on-one meetings to improve communication during the project.”

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