Daily Buzz: Save Time With These Gmail Settings

Saving yourself a few clicks here and there can add up during the workday. Also: Build a foundation of trust among your association’s community.

Unfortunately, wading through a seemingly infinite number of emails can take a lot of time out of the workday. But if you use Gmail, there are a few things you can do to get some of that time back.

“Endless email is the reality now,” says Deborah Tennen on the Zapier blog. “Since you can’t control the number of emails you receive, your best bet is to make it as easy as possible on yourself to respond.”

You can send and archive emails in one click by choosing the “Send & Archive” option under “General” in your settings. This saves you a click and keeps you from overanalyzing the message you just sent.

If you’re often “replying-all,” make it easier on yourself by making it the default option. Select “Reply all” as your default reply behavior under “General” in your settings.

“How many times have you accidentally replied to just the sender, only to realize the other folks cc’d on the email should have been included? Then you have to write another email,” Tennen says.

Enable the reading pane if you want to quickly scan a full inbox of emails without clicking into each one.

“The reading pane makes Gmail look a bit more like Outlook, allowing you to see the content of each email as you use your keyboard arrows to navigate through your inbox,” Tennen says.

Build Trust in Your Community

How can associations combat members’ feelings of isolation and fear? Build trust.

“To build strong communities that people can believe in, we shouldn’t be worrying as much about optimizing for search engines in our marketing. We should be optimizing for trust in our communications,” says Association Chat’s KiKi L’Italien.

Organizations can do this by communicating clearly and often, making their intentions clear, and showing care for members.

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