Daily Buzz: Learn How to Go With Your Gut

Why trusting your intuition can lead to smart decisions. Also: Customer service is key during this time of uncertainty.

Using data and education is important in decision making, but intuition can also be a helpful decision-making tool if you use it the right way.

“Learning to trust your gut takes intention and practice, and there are several things you can do to get better at it,” says Stephanie Vozza on Fast Company.

First, understand your gut reaction and how it can be useful. Dr. Tasha Holland-Kornegay, founder of Wellness in Real Life, says a gut feeling is the result of a large amount of cognitive processes occurring in your brain, sizing up new sensory information against past experiences, and coming to a prediction.

“Realizing that your intuition has been trained over time can help you trust it as an invaluable guide,” Vozza says.

To use your intuition, Vozza suggests paying attention to your initial reaction to a situation, which is based on your past experiences and knowledge.

You can get used to using your intuition by practicing with low-stakes scenarios. That way, you’ll know to trust your instincts in other situations. Just remember that using data and information is also valuable when making a choice, but trusting your gut can help you in a pinch.

“As a rule of thumb, Holland-Kornegay recommends trusting your gut when you have to make a fast choice under uncertain conditions,” Vozza says.

Bounce Back With Good Customer Service

Associations should focus on quality customer service as they return to normal operations, as it will help their recovery by offering new ways to connect with members.

“For example, if it is time for renewals, you can include with your invoice mailings a call to members to check in—don’t have just the bill arrive in the mail. Maybe your event is on hold or canceled, what about a webinar with the board as guests or a member town hall online?” suggests Jackie Bessette of The Moery Company. “Remind everyone that customer service is the responsibility of the whole team and it does not have to be perfect, but it does have to show effort.”

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