Daily Buzz: The Podcasting Model Holds Up

Despite early concerns that podcast listening would fall into decline, ad revenue projections are up, an IAB report finds. Also: Why you shouldn’t let worry slow down your pace.

You may have heard that podcasting has faced some struggles in recent months as people are commuting less, and as a result, listening less to audio productions.

But even if the sector is seeing shifts in demand—and some metrics find that podcast listening is actually going up outside of the U.S.—evidence is emerging that podcasting, as a business, remains strong.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau just released a study on podcast advertising, which found that the field was expected to see a 14.7 percent jump in revenue in the United States, possibly hitting $1 billion this year. The bureau reported that podcasting was more resistant amid COVID-19 than other types of marketing—especially as new types of podcasts, such as news, find success amid COVID-19.

In a Forbes analysis of the data, Mike Vorhaus of the digital media consulting firm Vorhaus Advisors noted that the field may be in a stronger place than other industries.

“The recent study on podcast advertising revenue documents an example of where advertising has been more robust,” he wrote. “In general, digital advertising is being less negatively impacted than other forms of advertising during the pandemic.”

Move Past Your Worries

Worry is a big problem these days. There’s a lot of it going around, and for obvious reasons. And that might be making us second-guess our every move as we try to put on a strong face. Smooth the Path’s Amanda Kaiser has another suggestion for handling this weird time: Don’t second-guess so much.

“Right now, no one is expecting everything to be perfect. Members would rather have solutions to their problems now than wait months for those solutions even if the delivery is a little wonky,” she explains. “This is your chance to experiment. While we can see the bumps and warts, our fast solutions might look perfectly polished to our members.”

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