Daily Buzz: Master Your Remote Workload With Automated Tech

Automation can help organizations that are trying to thrive in their new remote work environments. Also: Make your Facebook video content more successful.

In the current environment, organizations are looking for ways to increase productivity and accomplish their business goals. And according to a study, many are turning to automation to address problems created by the closure of physical offices and the rise of remote work.

So what can organizations do with automated tech? For one, they can let chatbots handle the suddenly high volume of customer conversations and customer support requests. Since the coronavirus outbreak, organizations have reported a much higher number of chat conversations and requests.

“Large brands are increasingly using conversational AI to connect with customers,” says David Roe on CMSWire. “Think Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging channels and you get the idea.”

Beyond supporting existing customers, automated tech can help organizations procure new customers by making marketing campaigns more effective.

“AI adaptation is also inevitable for marketers as consumers demand personalized interactions that directly speak to their interests,” Roe says. How can AI help organizations achieve this? AI can analyze large datasets and identify patterns on consumer trends and behaviors. From there, organizations can develop a more targeted message.

Once you’ve written a marketing campaign, AI can analyze that copy and make recommendations, such as a different email subject line that will produce better open rates.

“As high-touch customer service becomes too expensive, difficult to implement, or unavailable, as is the case with retailers during the pandemic, AI and automation will allow marketers to create a similar experience,” Roe says.

Make Your Facebook Video Stand Out

Video content is now an important part of many organizations’ Facebook marketing efforts. How can you get more out of your videos? Harness the power of live video.

“While live versions make up only 12 percent of the videos published on Facebook, they generate significantly higher engagement,” says Content Marketing Institute contributor Teodora Lozan. “You could stream an event, conference, program, product launch, or a bit of a team brainstorm.”

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