Daily Buzz: The Power of Interactive Content

Giving your audience something to do can bring them closer to your brand. Also: A 10-minute SEO strategy for associations.

Want a different way to grab your audience’s attention? Develop content that gives them something to do, say, see, or feel. In other words, give them interactive content.

“Interactive content lets users personalize and participate in it,” says Content Marketing Institute’s Jodi Harris. “While interactive pieces often are worth considering for the wow factor alone, they also serve meaningful business purposes.”

Items like polls, quizzes, and video experiences can bring your brand’s vision to life, deepen audience engagement with your brand, and could drive greater customer satisfaction. Harris says interactive content also generates first-party audience data because it typically asks consumers to share personal information, which provides insights on their interests, preferences, and behaviors.

Interactive content can take many different forms. Quizzes, polls, games, and surveys give the audience a chance to test their knowledge on relevant topics or speak their mind, while interactive image galleries and video walkthroughs  give the audience a more tangible experience with your offerings.

“With the right focus and a little ingenuity, both the simplest and the most sophisticated of these formats can attract and engage consumers, identify and address their pain points, guide them through a complex marketing life cycle, and even increase conversion potential and deepen loyalty,” Harris says.

But before jumping into interactive content, Harris says organizations must consider the added costs and resources along with user preferences.

“Interactivity should enhance the natural appeal and longevity of your message—not serve as a substitute for substance,” she says.

A Quick SEO Plan for Associations

Using SEO on your association website doesn’t have to be a long, complex process. Start by focusing on keywords, suggests a recent post from GrowthZone.

“To drive relevant traffic to your site, take 10 minutes to identify relevant keywords with good search traffic potential,” says the GrowthZone team. From there, develop a list of keywords to use in your content that your audience will respond to.

“Once you begin to include them in your content, it will become second-nature.”

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