Membership Pro Tip: Member Orientation Webinars

A series of recorded member orientation webinars helps introduce an association to members who don’t typically come to its events, creates microvolunteering opportunities, and attracts new—and sometimes elusive—members.

How does it work? The United Fresh Produce Association saw an upside to Zoom and created a series of recorded member orientation webinars featuring members who talked about their membership journey. Specifically picking members who had not seen the value of the association previously but had a transformative experience to share made a big difference, says Miriam Wolk, CAE, vice president of member services at United Fresh.

“We figured people who were watching the video were on the fence, and so it would be good to hear from someone who was also at one point on the fence,” she says. “It makes a big difference in their willingness to be involved.”

Why is it effective? “Video captures more of the senses than just a two-dimensional marketing piece or even a website,” Wolk says. A company she had tried to engage for more than 12 years joined United Fresh after watching one of the recorded webinars.

What’s the benefit? Participating in the webinars gives members a chance to microvolunteer, without the lengthy commitment of serving on a committee. The webinars also give young professionals, who might not have a chance to attend a large conference or event, an opportunity for professional development.

“It gives rise to a whole new generation of members,” Wolk says.


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Lisa Boylan

By Lisa Boylan

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