New Video Series Addresses Challenges for Women in Produce Industry

The Produce Marketing Association’s Center for Growing Talent is releasing a video series on women in the industry. The series looks at issues that women have been dealing with during the pandemic, with the goal of engaging members in discussion.

The Produce Marketing Association’s Center for Growing Talent launched a new video series to highlight the challenges of women in the industry and spur discussion among PMA members and others in the industry.

Megan Nash, director of programs at CGT, said the video series came about because of conversations between PMA members surrounding the ways women employees had been affected by the pandemic. The toll of working from home and childcare had been particularly noticed.

“A lot of great conversations were had, and a lot of resources were shared amongst that group,” she said. “We asked, ‘How can we elevate this to share that information out with more women across the industry and share those resources?’ We thought this video series would be a perfect way to be able to share a little of that and further utilize and share with some of the volunteers who have been so committed to the work we do for the women’s portfolio.”

The new video series includes three, roughly 15-minute videos that are being shared online and in various forums for discussion. The first was released earlier this month, and the other two will roll out soon. The video series, which is part of the organization’s larger Women’s Fresh Perspectives Portfolio, will address some of the broader issues women are facing in the industry and today’s world.

“It was really about a few things, in terms of measuring success and how we look at traditional success, especially for women,” she said. “That may have changed a little bit over the past year, especially from having worked from home and having the kids on virtual school and still trying to get through day to day. I think the other lesson was really how important it is to lean on one another and voice what you’re going through in terms mental wellbeing”

While women are the focus, the series isn’t something that should only be watched by women. “Also, it’s about elevating and bringing men into that conversation and letting them see what some of these unique issues women in our industry are dealing with,” Nash said.

Doug Bohr, CGT executive director, said the video series and other components of the Women’s Fresh Perspectives Portfolio are designed to work together for maximum effect. “We are trying to give our members different formats to meet them where they are. Whatever their tastes or preferences are,” he said. “But there is a thread that pulls through all of them.”

Nash and Bohr said the Women’s Fresh Perspectives Portfolio—which also includes a conference, a “Listen, Learn, Connect” series, and other events—has a loyal following. However, the new offerings, like the video series, are attracting new people.

“It’s definitely brought a new influx of women that we haven’t been able to reach in the past through other programs we have established,” Nash said.

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