Membership Pro Tip: Making Fitness Fun

A popular fitness competition gets members up and moving to help diffuse stress during their profession’s most demanding time of year.

How does it work?

During its members’ busiest time—tax season—the Massachusetts Society of CPAs found a way to motivate and engage them with a fun, competitive, team-building Fitness Challenge.

Member firms sign up and create teams using ChallengeRunner, a free app that syncs to different tracking devices like Fitbit or Apple Watch. The app tracks team members’ steps during the challenge, which runs from February 4 to April 15. MSCPA encourages members to take photos of their journeys and share them on social media.

The ChallengeRunner app creates a leaderboard for members to measure their progress on a virtual 497-mile trek that starts at the MSCPA office in Boston and ends at the IRS building in DC.

Why is it effective?

Because it’s scheduled during CPAs’ busy season, the Fitness Challenge gives members a reason to get up from their desks and walk or run. “It’s very tempting to just sit there and work, work work,” says Amy Pitter, MSCPA’s president and CEO. The program gives members the added incentive of doing something not just for themselves but for their teams.

What’s the benefit?

The popular annual event has become part of MSCPA’s brand. In 2020 there were 700 participants and 82 teams. “People really look forward to it,” Pitter says. “It’s something they get from their association.”

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Lisa Boylan

By Lisa Boylan

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