We Asked, You Answered: Whose Job Would You Want?

While many of us love our jobs, there are still positions we think we’d be pretty good at, if we’d chosen that path. Here, association professionals share the job they’d try if they could do anything they wanted—even if they aren’t currently trained for it.

Association professionals have passions, hobbies, and tendencies toward certain professions that they’ve never pursued. But if they could magically try out one of these paths, our readers would do everything from become a plastic surgeon to serve as head chef at a world-class restaurant. Read on to see what else is on people’s wish list.

Brittany Peffer

Director of Membership, Pennsylvania Principals Association

I would love to work in some sort of human resources role or oversee staff operations and training and recruitment. I really enjoy staff development and pushing others to succeed in their roles within the organization.

Cindy Simpson, CAE

Administrative Assistant, Urgent Care Association

I would be a mystery shopper. Exceptional service is what makes for long-term customers (and members). I would love to assist companies in helping them to identify areas for improvement. I firmly believe that if a company treats its employees well, then that feeling trickles down to service.

Charity Anastasio

Practice and Ethics Counsel, American Immigration Lawyers Association

Head chef of a world-class restaurant. I love to cook. I love the energy of a kitchen. I want to be in charge of the menu and learn from everyone around me for just one day.

Beth Stinson

Vice President of Education Operations, American Road & Transportation Builders Association

I would love to be a fantasy or science fiction author collaborating with scientists and artists to tell stories about other worlds and possibilities for humans based on our best qualities: curiosity, empathy, creativity, and love. Sharing stories is so fundamental to the human condition—and using fantasy or science fiction as a platform taps into a place where the everyday world is shut off and larger themes can be explored in a more abstract and less threatening way.

Mary Steffens

Director of Association Service, Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses

I went to art school and have always dreamed of having a “job” as a full-time artist. I love painting, and I also love learning new things. In a future place and time, I would love to “paint” three-dimensional, living paintings or collaborate with robots, people with disabilities, and possibly animals (e.g., elephants, apes, and other animals already show the capability to paint) to make new art. It would be a job that would never cease to amaze me.

Gina Garriott

Membership Manager, National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

I’d love to be a plastic surgeon. I have no idea why but being able to change people’s lives in that way has always appealed to me.

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Rasheeda Childress

By Rasheeda Childress

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