We Asked, You Answered: What’s Your End-of-Year Goal?

With 10 weeks until the end of 2021, many association professionals are still committed to accomplishing their personal and professional goals before kicking off 2022.

The new year may be just around the corner, but many of your association colleagues are determined to meet the organizational and personal goals they set for themselves. Read on to learn what a few of them are hoping to check off their lists by December 31.

Ida Seitter

Director of Community/PAC Engagement, Columbus Association of Realtors

I’m finding my way back to some normalcy and predictability. There’s been so much pivoting this year and last. While we’ve been able to keep up with our fundraising goals, our members are less engaged. I hope that as we get back to a “normal” schedule, it re-engages them. I’ve learned the value of starting the year off on a high and will keep that in mind moving forward.

Kristen Jones

Director of Membership and Programs, United Methodist Association

I’d like to secure two new organizational members from my “brand new prospects” list.

Tina Sung

Vice President, Partnership for Public Service

Complete my master’s degree in business dynamics.

Robin Gifford

Executive Director, Alpaca Owners Association

It seems simple, but I’m trying to listen to audiobooks more, alternating between business and fiction. Doing this helps me achieve several goals in one: It helps me stop, listen, and focus (a difficult task for me at work and at home); free my mind; learn; and relax.

Tracy Todd

CEO, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

We started using the Asana work management platform, and I would like to become proficient at using it.


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Samantha Whitehorne

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