Good Reads You Might Have Missed: Digital Transformation

Whether you’re starting your journey or figuring out your next step, digital transformation is an important thing for associations to get right. Check out these articles to help keep that conversation on track.

Associations have been trying to crack the nut of digital transformation in ways large and small for years. And while it may not always be easy, it’s certainly doable.

With that in mind, here are a few pieces from the Associations Now and archives that could help your organization walk the path:

‌Three Ways Digital Transformation Can Add Value to Your Association. This listicle highlights ways that associations have succeeded with digital transformation, including the National Speakers Association’s podcast initiative. “We were able to set new goals for our show and develop a new workflow for each episode to ensure each episode is laser-focused on our core purpose of helping listeners become better speakers and build better businesses,” the group’s then-CEO, Mary Lou Peck, said.

‌A Three-Pronged Approach for Leveraging Digital to Stay Relevant. Julia Fitzgerald, the chief marketing officer of the American Lung Association, explained the steps the group took to digitally transform. “Even before the upheaval of 2020, we realized that to deliver on our mission, we needed to invest in infrastructure and skills to digitally connect with stakeholders,” she wrote. “The COVID-19 pandemic refocused the urgency of digital and advancing innovation.”

Digital Transformation: Lessons From the Trenches. This 2017 piece by Rick Bawcum of the tech consultancy Cimatri makes the case for building a framework around digital transformation so your organization can evolve with it, not fight against the tide. “New technologies, new business models, and shifting market demands will continue to push associations to evolve and grow,” he wrote. “Association leaders, engaged in digital transformation, must take the long view while adapting to continually changing end points inherent in the digital economy.”

How Boards Can Cultivate the Digital Experience. Keith Skillman, CAE, highlights three actions that boards should consider when pushing digital transformation efforts. “Prioritizing stewardship of that asset is critically important, given that digital and the underpinning technology play huge roles in delivering personalized value, realizing efficiencies, and providing customers convenient access to content and services,” he wrote.

‌A Leader’s Role in a Digital-First Strategy. Of course, it’s not just the board leading the discussion, as this piece discussing the leadership parameters of digital transformation explains. “The CEO has a critical role here not just because they steer the association’s direction, but because there are so many people that will need persuading—board members, staff members, other volunteers, and stakeholders,” Mark Athitakis wrote.

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