Team Building Doesn’t Just Build Better Teams, It Builds Better Businesses

Collaborative activities inspire connections that benefit the bottom line. Here’s how.

If you view team-building activities as a break from the essential meat of the meeting — think again. Team-building programs are essential for establishing connections among meeting attendees, leading to more engaged, enthusiastic participants, which in turn boosts the organization’s bottom line. Beth Daniel, the former managing director of Greater Palm Springs-based PRA, breaks down the critical importance of team building and shares some of the ways the destination is inspiring meeting planners with unique group activities.

Why Team Building Matters

Far from a distraction in the context of a meeting, team-building programs provide a critical business tool that builds trust and connection among participants. And they provide a brain break that allows members to find inspiration and visualize big-picture ideas as well as future-looking concepts.

“Team building brings people together and can offer a nice blend of active and non-active, brain versus brawn,” Daniel says. “Following a devastating year for many companies and employees, being able to connect, collaborate, and share culture and best practices is critical.”

An ideal team-building program will play to the specific goals, size, and demographics of the group. “There are many factors we consider when developing a team-building event,” Daniel says. “We always consider the audience, the number of guests, timeframe, budget, on-property versus off-property, and much more.”

Additionally, a successful team-building activity will also incorporate the unique attributes of the host city in a way that feels authentic, robust, and rewarding. Barb Smith, partner at Greater Palm Springs-based Eventis Destination Services, notes, “The weather is, without a doubt, one of the greatest attributes about our destination. When corporate clients want to create a memorable and bonding team-building event for their guests, we are able to design a unique and creative outdoor experience that takes full advantage of the warm weather, clear skies, and unparalleled views of the surrounding Santa Rosa Mountains.”

Examples of local experiences her team has created include scavenger hunts in open-air Jeeps on the San Andreas fault line or in the Indian Canyons; golf cart polo on pristinely manicured polo fields; and photo safaris at the Living Desert Zoo & Botanical Gardens. With each of these options, attendees work together toward a common goal, and usually have a fun time, too.

Team Building and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Team-building activities can also help support organizations’ corporate social responsibility missions and values. “Capitalizing on various team members’ strengths, team building bridges the gap with creativity, planning, execution, project management, and in some cases, giving back to the community” through philanthropic or socially minded programs, Daniel says.

As an example, Smith points to successful CSR team-building events like the “Good for the Sole” shoe-painting event with Toms, the philanthropic company that donates shoes for every pair purchased. These engaging programs tackle CSR at the same time as they challenge and bond team members. “Our events are designed to challenge guests to be strategic, creative, and work together while enjoying the process and having fun,” she says.

Local Focus Fosters Memorable Connections

Team building is at its best when it incorporates the destination itself for an authentic, cultural, immersive experience unique to the site. Think scavenger hunts, community-based challenges, or outdoor programs that take advantage of the local landscape and climate.

Enjoyment should also be a top priority. A unique venue like the BMW Performance Center offers corporate clients a chance to let their attendees get behind the wheel on multiple driving courses with the beautiful Greater Palm Springs scenery at their side.

There’s also the world-famous Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, a dramatically rising trip through the breathtaking cliffs of Chino Canyon to the top of Mount San Jacinto, and one of just three tramways in the world with fully rotating cars. “At the top of the tram, there are opportunities for attendees to engage in team-building activities like a GPS-style smart hunt,” Daniel explains.

“With our amazing weather, we are typically always offering something outside,” she says. “Greater Palm Springs truly offers something for everyone. With top-notch resorts, more than 140 golf courses, and amazing shops and restaurants, it’s a unique destination.”

This article was written by Visit Greater Palm Springs. Our team is ready to assist you in creating inspirational, unforgettable—and safe—meetings. With year-round sunshine and unlimited outdoor space, the options for your next Southern California meeting or event are endless. Book with confidence, knowing the safety of your attendees is a top priority for our destination.

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