Become Future-Ready

Today’s intelligent, streamlined AMS platforms enhance the staff and member experience—both now and into the future.

By Patrick Dorsey, EVP Marketing, Impexium

Association leaders need to look no further than the pandemic for a lesson in resilience. In a recent Dartmouth study, researchers concluded that a firm’s “pre-pandemic level of technology sophistication had both direct and indirect effects on sales” early in the health crisis.

In another report, researchers found that digitally mature companies were able to maintain strategic focus during the pandemic, while less digitally mature companies had to focus more on “implementing digital basics.”

As any association leader who has guided their organization through the past few years knows, the association world is no different. Investments in modern, innovative technologies, from AMS to marketing automation platforms, provide associations with the tools necessary to manage their ever-changing needs—even pandemic-level ones.

A Focus on the Future

When choosing a modern AMS, associations should look for a solution that will help them innovate easily, do more with data, and expand their possibilities. They should seek to streamline operations, reduce development costs and reliance on corporate IT, and improve business outcomes. Associations should also ensure their AMS enables them to successfully scale their capabilities and work well with other products and systems.

Perhaps most importantly, a modern AMS helps associations prepare for what’s next with the scalability and extensibility that ensures your AMS can evolve at the pace of their business.

Any investment in technology can be time-consuming, expensive, and disruptive — so it’s understandable that associations are sometimes reluctant to make changes. But, as the pandemic illustrated, avoiding technological change can be the riskiest proposition of all. Legacy systems made up of siloed technology can’t hold a candle to today’s modern AMS solutions, which provide tools such as workflow automation, business intelligence, and AI.

Now more than ever, organizations are embracing the value of using data to drive business outcomes. The good news is, modern AMS platforms embrace cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence that empower associations to use the data they are sitting on wisely. It’s no wonder Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called it the “defining technology of our times.”

Analyze, Act, and Automate

Technology should help associations make the data they are accumulating work for their organization, delivering value by enabling users to analyze, act, and automate, regardless of technical ability.

First, the modern AMS helps associations analyze the data they’ve collected. These solutions provide reporting and analytics tools that democratize access to data, enabling all departments to make data-driven decisions.

Next, the modern AMS allows users to act on data, creating a data-driven culture that empowers every team member to become a data hero. The right tools enable all users to discover insights hidden in data and make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

Finally, automation helps associations streamline repetitive tasks across departments. To continuously improve staff efficiency and the member experience using the data in their AMS, associations need the ability to simplify tasks using AI models such as prediction, form processing, object detection, category classification, and entity extraction via a simple, intuitive interface.

The modern AMS further empowers associations to build and launch apps using pre-built templates, drag-and-drop simplicity, and quick deployment. That’s where no-code and low-code AMS technology come in, eliminating traditional development efforts, reducing costs, and delivering a faster ROI.

And that’s just for now—leading AMS vendors are already thinking of ways to further operationalize technologies like AI and automation as they evolve. To quote Nadella once more, “the future we will invent is a choice we make, not something that just happens.”

Impexium’s Association Management Solution (AMS) empowers associations to make better decisions, execute with precision, and delight their members. To learn more about Impexium’s powerful membership, mobile, and analytics suite, request a demo.

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