Advance Reading for #ASAE22

For the first time in three years, association pros will be gathering for the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Nashville this weekend. Get a head start on the learning—or learn from wherever you are—with our reading list.


Whether you’re heading to Nashville this weekend or catching up on your learning at home, we’ve got your must-reads right here. In advance of the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition, which kicks off Saturday, several expert content leaders shared their wisdom in articles and interviews with Associations Now.

Want to get a preview of a session, find out where to go to learn more later, or follow along from a distance?  Here’s your reading list.

Preconference Exploration Labs

Attend: “Building a Fit-for-Purpose Association Board in The Turbulent Twenties,” 1 p.m. Saturday

Read: Build a Fit-for-Purpose Board in The Turbulent Twenties,” by Jeff De Cagna, FASAE, asaecenter.org, June 22

Exploration Labs

Attend: “Learning Innovation to Create Nondues Pathways, Products, and Programs,” 3:30 p.m. Sunday

Read: Build a Learning Portfolio That Supports Member Career Journeys,” by Veronica Diaz, CAE, asaecenter.org, August 15

Attend: “Modern Leadership and Strategy: Lessons From an Exec Road Trip,” 3:30 p.m. Sunday

Read:A Road Trip Teaches Four Women Leaders Unexpected Lessons,” by Christina Lewellen, CAE, asaecenter.org, March 28

Attend: “Nonprofit Is a Tax Status, Not a Business Model,” 2:30 p.m. Monday             

Read:Why Nonprofit Tax Status Shouldn’t Hinder Efforts to Turn a Profit,” by Patricia Blake, FASAE, CAE, and Eric Booth, asaecenter.org, July 18

Attend: “Getting a Grip on the New World of Work,” 4 p.m. Monday

Read:A Skill-Set Revamp for Leaders,” by Mark Athitakis, AssociationsNow.com, July 18

Five Things Black and Latina Women Staff Need to Hear From You,” by Danielle Baron, CAE, and Mariama Boney, CAE, asaecenter.org, August 8

Attend: “Return-to-Office: Evolving the Work Environment to Maximize Engagement,” 4 p.m. Monday Read:Use a Data-Driven Approach to Navigate Your Return to Office,” by Suzanna Kelley, Michelle Martin, and Angela Ramer, asaecenter.org, July 26

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Expo Theatre Labs

Attend: “Strategic Planning With your Team—Engaged, Invested, and Fully Remote!” 2 p.m. Sunday

Read:Four Tips for Remote Strategy Discussions,” by Mark Athitakis, AssociationsNow.com, July 17

Attend: “Adversary or Trusted Partner? What CEOs Think About Their Board Chairs,” 11:30 a.m. Monday

Read: How to Repair a Broken CEO-Board Chair Relationship,” by Mark Athitakis, AssociationsNow.com, June 20

Attend: “Seeking the Right Leader? Start With the Right Search Process,” 2 p.m. Monday

Read:Five Essentials for Developing Leaders Internally,” by Mark Athitakis, AssociationsNow.com, July 31

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