We Asked, You Answered: Wellness in the Workplace

June is recognized as Professional Wellness Month. How does your organization encourage staff to focus on or improve their wellbeing and work-life balance? Here are some examples from your colleagues.

Over the past few years as burnout rates and employee dissatisfaction rates rose, organizations have placed more emphasis on staff wellness and implemented new programs and services as a result.

From mental health days, to comprehensive EAPs, to flexibility around work hours, associations are trying a little bit of everything to ensure staff can take care of and make time for themselves. Read on to see how associations are prioritizing wellness in the workplace.

Chris Williams, CAE

Executive Director, Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association

VPPPA provides team members one mental health day per quarter to focus solely on personal wellness. In addition, the association uses its corporate banking account benefits to provide team members with gift cards of their choice to encourage personal growth.

Teresa Sarkesian

President and CEO, Electricity Distributors Association

We have a wellness program that provides a financial incentive for staff to purchase products or services that will support and enhance their wellness objectives. We also provide a series of lunch-and-learns on topics that staff select to build their wellness knowledge. In addition, our EAP program includes a range of support options, and we work from home three days a week and set boundaries around responses to after-hours emails.

Steve Schiffman

President/CEO, Advanced Textiles Association

We encourage use of PTO and added more floating holidays and adding a mental health day. Flexibility for family events and activities is also a priority.

Kathy Cotter

Director of Programs and Services, Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

We are a fully remote office and staff members are allowed the flexibility to work at their own pace, taking care of personal and family issues when needed.

Brian Monk

COO, Educational Theatre Association

Generally, one of a few discreet ways: our benefits package offers a good amount of PTO and paid holidays, as well as an EAP; we manage employee engagement carefully through feedback cycles and interactions aimed at creating connections and space; we schedule Rest & Recharge days at least quarterly, but sometimes more, as we gauge staff stress levels; managers are encouraged to ask their teams about how they are feeling and coach people toward balance and psychological safety.

Justin Moore

CEO, American Physical Therapy Association

We have a Fitwel certified building, a comprehensive wellness program (APTAFit), and multiple partnerships and incentives for activity lifestyles. We also have regular programming and supports (e.g., fitness classes; one-week, work-from-anywhere benefit, APTA Cares program for staff with short-term needs, providing such things as gas and groceries).


Samantha Whitehorne

By Samantha Whitehorne

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