Meetings in the Post-Pandemic Era
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Resources Roundup: Conferences and Events

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These resources from ASAE are sure to help you successfully plan and execute meetings in the current environment.

Books and Research

Learn about larger trends affecting the meetings space and how your event revenue and expenses compare to others

ASAE ForesightWorks

ASAE’s future-focused environmental-scanning research initiative identifies 50 drivers of change important to associations. Each is described in an action brief that examines its implications and offers ideas for steps associations can take to respond to the trend. The drivers most pertinent to the meetings space include:

  • Hybrid Meetings. This recently updated action brief looks at the ways leaders can capitalize on the lessons learned about virtual and hybrid events during the pandemic.
  • Microlearning. As attention spans shrink, mobile use expands, and the need to update skills remains constant, this action brief discusses how microlearning can help meet the demands of lifelong learners.
  • A World Reshaped by COVID. This new action brief provides insights and strategies for navigating the uncertainty and pandemic-related shifts that will last through the early 2020s.

Association Operating Ratio Report, 16th Edition (2021)

The report provides the revenue, expense, and balance-sheet data associations need to evaluate and plan financial activities, identify areas for improvement, and make recommendations on the allocation of resources, including in their meetings and education operations.

Benchmarking in Association Management, Policies and Procedures, Vol. 1 (2018)

Compare your association’s practices against others of similar size and type. This resource focuses on key considerations in eight functional areas of association management, including meetings. The data, collected from responses to the ASAE Research Foundation’s Benchmarking in Association Management surveys, gives you a firsthand look at what other organizations are doing in those areas.

Learning Opportunities

Professional development suited for all meeting pros

Event Design Masterclass – Quick Tips

Association events need to deliver more now than ever before. A new world of shifting audience behaviors, diminishing budgets, and evolving relevancy requires new skills, new approaches, and new thinking. Gain quick tips from the Event Design Masterclass, which was held during the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition, to understand the elements of intentional strategic event design that you can immediately implement into your events.

Professional Development Online Seminar Series: Upskill Your Staff and Grow Your Product Portfolio

This new online seminar series will advance from foundations of adult learning theory into implementation and business strategy. Each of the interactive virtual sessions concludes with a sample product model, tool, or tip sheet that participants can immediately use at their own association. Participants can register for the full three-part series or separately for any of the individual sessions.

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As associations market their conferences and other in-person events in a landscape altered by the pandemic, data becomes increasingly important. An expert suggests what to research to improve events and how they’re marketed.

Groups Consider New Insurance Options When It Comes to Dealing With Event-Related Risks

With the cost of event cancellation insurance doubling or tripling during the pandemic, many associations are reconsidering traditional insurance methods. Some are looking at self-insuring or creating additional reserve funds to help offset event-cancellation costs.

Telemedicine Group Strikes Balance With Hybrid Event

While one would assume the American Telemedicine Association would lean heavily on virtual technology, organizers of its recent hybrid conference say the key to doing virtual right is understanding its strengths and using that to complement the in-person component.

Ten Things Meeting Pros Can Do to Improve Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

DEIA is top of mind for association event professionals. As they look to deliver an equitable experience to all participants, here are 10 ideas to put into action today.

Today’s Events Require Communication Efforts That Put Safety First

COVID-19 remains a part of our lives, but vaccination and other new treatments have welcomed a return to events with health and safety protocols in place. Properly communicating about event safety can inform attendees, reduce negative feedback, and keep staff on the same page.

Samantha Whitehorne

Samantha Whitehorne is editor-in-chief of Associations Now.

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