The CEO’s Board Management Toolkit January 11, 2022
The winds of change buffet association boards as much as anyone else. As cultural dynamics shift, new technologies emerge, and other overarching forces affect how boards operate, CEOs need to ensure that their boards stay focused, the right conversations happen, and smart decisions are made. In this special report, find out how savvy executives make it happen.
Effective Management
Build a Board DEI Strategy to Strengthen Leadership
An effective DEI strategy for your board fosters greater innovation and creativity among its members. A new study from the ASAE Research Foundation provides insight into processes that strengthen volunteer leadership and improve organizational outcomes.
What It Takes to Run a Great Hybrid Board Meeting
Hosting a hybrid board meeting can be a complex undertaking, but if you do it well, you provide an inclusive experience for both in-person and virtual participants. Four best practices can make your hybrid board meetings more effective.
The Advantages—and Realities—of a Board Election Overhaul
If you’re thinking about changing how you conduct board elections, be sure you have very good reasons. No one likes to feel like they are losing power or control, so be sure to weigh the benefits of the overhaul and communicate them effectively to stakeholders.
Should You Change Your Strategic Plan?
COVID-19 disrupted many associations’ long-term expectations as organizational priorities and goals had to be sidelined, at least temporarily. But that doesn’t mean you should reject the strategy you and your board designed. Instead, rethink it.
Board Culture
Maintain a Healthy Board Culture in Divisive Times
The world is a polarized place right now, and keeping boardrooms productive and collegial can be harder against such a backdrop. Don’t let what’s going on outside your organization derail the important work your board needs to do.
Successful Board Relations for Newly Minted CEOs
Trust, accountability, and active listening were the cornerstones for two new CEOs who successfully built relationships with their boards under challenging circumstances. This foundation let them hit the ground running, build momentum, and keep going.
Talk Effectively to Your Board About DEI Change
Discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion with volunteer leaders can seem like a daunting task. Although it’s a complex issue, CEOs should focus on the benefits of DEI and how changing the status quo can deliver results.
Skill Builder
Improve Your Board’s Technology Literacy
While some board members may feel lost when they hear details of infrastructure improvements and other association technology projects, you can help them see the big picture: how the technology will support members and advance the mission.
Get Your Board Comfortable With Taking Calculated Risks
Many boards try to play it safe, but there is no risk-free path in today’s world. With the pandemic and economy in flux, decisions won’t be easy, so CEOs must encourage their boards to risk failure, create a decision-making process, and be adaptable.
Better Budget Smarts for Boards
Most volunteer leaders aren’t CPAs. But when you present your association’s finances clearly—and with just enough detail—you can help them make budget-savvy decisions.