Remaking the Association Workplace July 18, 2022
Associations are adapting in different ways to the changing contours of workplace management, but all are confronting the same truth: We’ll never work like it’s 2019 again. After a pandemic shakeup, leaders are leveraging new management approaches to support staff and deliver on the mission.
New Ways to Work
A Workplace Focused on Results
The visionary CEO of the Women in Trucking Association rejects the notion that her employees need to be managed. Instead, they need clear expectations about results and the flexibility and freedom to achieve them in their own way.
Building the Future With Maximum Flexibility
That two-word philosophy—maximum flexibility—is reshaping how the American Psychological Association does business, guided by its community’s scientific work, its employees’ frequent feedback, and a CEO who knows that change is constant.
New Rules to Support New Work Options
Flexibility doesn’t mean anything goes. At the National Association of Tax Professionals, staff’s overwhelming wish to continue remote work prompted a break from its traditional past. A formal telework agreement with each remote employee places essential guardrails around NATP’s new way of working.
A Skill-Set Revamp for Leaders
The pandemic brought new emphasis to empathy and communication as essential skills for leaders. But before you take that listening tour, a self-assessment is in order.
Staff Well-Being
Finding Remedies for Employee Burnout
It’s not enough to know your staff is burned out—you need to fix it. The Endocrine Society’s new CEO put in the work to find out what the organization’s employees were experiencing and why, and to find holistic solutions that would help them flourish.
Seven Steps to Employee Well-Being
Responding to staff preferences was a priority after the CEO of the Information Technology Industry Council saw how employees came through during the pandemic. More flexibility, a commitment to DEI, expanded geographical options, and other perks have created a workplace that puts a premium on employee well-being.
The Building Blocks of a Great Place to Work
The American Society of Clinical Oncology has had flexible schedules and results-oriented work in place since before the pandemic. The policies are the foundation for staff well-being and success in accomplishing ASCO’s mission.
Six Ways to Keep Your Best People
With more employees than ever changing jobs, smart strategies for staff retention are especially essential. Two experts share tips on what encourages workers to stick around.
Refreshed Spaces
A Remodeled Workplace Where Staff Wants to Be
The new CEO of the American Institute of Architects wants her organization’s office space to lead by example. AIA is undertaking a remodeling project that will transform its headquarters into a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility where employees want to come to do their best work.
How Trading Spaces Made a Hybrid Workplace Work Better
The pandemic coincided with the Advanced Medical Technology Association’s hunt for new office space. Realizing that workplaces were changing radically, AdvaMed moved to a space designed to meet the needs of its hybrid workforce—today and tomorrow.
An Association Headquarters That Works for Members
The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors staffed up and revamped its spaces to make its office more inviting and useful to members, who needed meeting space and help with new business practices like multimedia production.
The Post-Pandemic Office Lease
COVID-19 shuttered association offices for extended periods, and with many organizations continuing remote work at least part time, leaders are reconsidering their office space. Many want less square footage and more flexible lease terms—and they have more leverage to get them.