Sept/Oct 2015 Don't Panic: How to respond when a crisis threatens your event.

Membership by Oct 1, 2015

Membership Memo: The Hybrid Model

Membership by Oct 1, 2015

Who says you have to choose between individual and company members? On the road, hybrids are all the rage. They’re a growing trend in associations, too. From 2011 to 2015, the percentage of associations offering a combination of both individual and company memberships more than doubled, from 13 percent to 29 percent, among respondents to […]

Global Spotlight: Countries Put Pressure on NGOs

Several countries are clamping down on nongovernmental organizations. This summer, Cambodia became the latest country to consider placing greater restrictions on nongovernmental organizations operating within its borders. The Southeast Asian nation’s parliament passed legislation in July that would allow it to disband international and domestic NGOs should their activity allegedly jeopardize the country’s stability and […]

Technology by Oct 1, 2015

Can’t Live Without My… PicPlayPost App

Technology by Oct 1, 2015

Make inspiring video collages that incorporate pictures, graphics, and music with the PicPlayPost app. “I learned about this app at an AMC Institute meeting. I love it because the content marketer who exists in every department of association management needs quick, easy, and agile tools to post photos, videos, and graphics to tell stories that are […]

New Money: Predict Donor Behavior with Data

Analytics help predict donor behavior. If you work for a foundation or nonprofit that relies on donations, you’re always looking for ways to increase donors and contributions, lower direct marketing costs, and spark innovation and creativity among staff. Groups are turning to big data and predictive analytics to help achieve those goals. Recently John Hallberg, […]

Good Counsel: How to Remove a Leader

Process is critical when removing an elected volunteer leader. Unfortunately, associations are occasionally confronted with an ineffective or disruptive officer or director whom others believe should be removed from the position. If your association is considering removal of an elected volunteer leader, you need to carefully review three governing authorities: State incorporation law Statutes governing […]