Nov/Dec 2017 Less is More: It’s hard to let go, but disciplined product management lets you do fewer things better.

Membership by Dec 1, 2017

Running on Empty: When It’s Time To Drop a Product Offering

Membership by Dec 1, 2017

Associations excel at launching new offerings, but they aren’t nearly as good at letting go when something outlives its usefulness. Discontinuing a product offering or service—whether a legacy favorite or a program that held high hopes but didn’t pan out—can be painful, but it pays off to manage your portfolio with a focus on meeting member needs and the organization’s goals.

Talking Tech: Is Your Website-Hosting Service Secure?

Your association’s website can enhance credibility and build community—or ruin your reputation if it’s hacked. Gary Grabowski, vice president and partner of Summit Business Technologies, explains how a secure hosting service can mitigate 99 percent of security risks. What is secure web hosting? Secure web hosting means your website is stored on a server with […]

Career Coach: Welcome Back

5 steps for reentering the job market. Sometimes people contact me because they need assistance with reentering the job market. It can be challenging to get back into the game because the job market is not what it used to be, and the job search has changed as a result of technology. Here are five […]