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[Download] Everything You Need to Know About Venue Selection Now

Site selection is one of the first critical steps in the journey to a successful meeting. Check out this guide for the latest information.

The right meeting location can set the tone for an association’s entire year. Finding that location, however, can be a complex process. To help lead you to victory, we’ve consulted seasoned meeting professionals to compile a comprehensive guide to site selection that includes information on:

  • The basics. Keep program goals, attendee expectations, and budget in mind when starting a site-selection process.
  • Problem areas. Consider emerging pain points, such as rising costs, tighter timelines, travel restrictions, and political and social issues.
  • Critical details. Don’t forget about these significant aspects: insurance, accessibility, and site inspections.
  • Negotiating tips. You can work contracts in your favor if you know your association’s worth, build flexibility into the room pickup, and include extras upfront.