Talking Tech: Be Where Your Members Are

Aptify CEO Amith Nagarajan shares tools for improving and measuring member engagement.

How can associations use technology to engage with members?

Engaging with members means being where they are and where they want to be. Mobile is where most interactions will be happening. Additionally, associations need to demonstrate their significance to the next generation, and that generation operates through mobile applications.

What tools can associations use to measure member engagement?

The composite engagement score (CES). It’s a formula I developed that produces a single-digit engagement rating for each member. CES is completely adaptable to an association’s individual engagement focuses. Further, the formula can adjust as the association’s priorities evolve or shift.

What are some of the best features of Aptify’s new app, Mobile for Members?

Event ratings: Not only can members see which events they and their contacts are signed up to attend, but they can rate events and see how others rate them as well. Plus, as members rate the events, association managers can identify which events
are not popular and alter or eliminate them.

Association news feed: This allows members to quickly access relevant information and updates without having to search for them.

Social media connections. Members can view how they’re connected to other association members using their LinkedIn profiles and connections.

Katie Bascuas

By Katie Bascuas

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