Lunchtime Links: Branson on Executive Tweeting

The Virgin empire founder says it's "an essential part of the brand." Also: The benefits of a leadership structure with room to breathe.

OK, so your association’s top brass may not fly around in a jet or have billions of dollars like Richard Branson, but the businessman may be onto something regarding executive social media presence. That and more in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Your brand is all-important, and an essential part of the brand is how it’s seen through Twitter and Facebook.

Get your leaders tweeting: Have someone on your board who still isn’t on Twitter? Perhaps he or she should take some advice from Virgin founder Richard Branson, who has managed a consistent social media presence despite, you know, being a billionaire. But he says it’s part of the job: “Your brand is all-important, and an essential part of the brand is how it’s seen through Twitter and Facebook.”

Keep the structure loose: The National Fluid Power Association’s CEO, Eric Lanke, describes how he was able to help build a strong community of younger leaders in the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (WSAE). “Once there, we described to them what the association was trying to achieve and what resources we were making available to them,” he explains, “And then we got out of their way.” The open structure has helped WSAE’s Future Leaders Network grow from 10 to 15 members to more than 50.

Want to get in on Passbook? Apple’s new iOS 6 feature (no, not that one) gives businesses a way to build coupons, tickets, and more. One problem: They’re complicated to create. But, as Event Manager Blog’s Julius Solaris points out, someone’s already thought about this. Enter Passdock, which makes things simple. Neat.

Smart stuff from Clay Shirky: “As per usual, if I see a Clay Shirky video, I just post it,” says SocialFish’s Maddie Grant, who points out a great piece by the big-picture thinker about the internet’s ability to transform government — “with deep social and political implications.” We could all learn a little something from Clay Shirky.

What sort of big-picture things do you have on your mind at the moment? Mention them in the comments.

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