Social Media Roundup: Everyone Learns Differently

Social Media Roundup: Everyone Learns Differently

Not everyone grasps concepts the same way — keep that in mind at your next event! Also: The ethical issues Livestrong faces.

Education doesn’t work the same for everyone.

You remember that from school, right? Maybe some of the more interactive classes were easier to grasp than the ones with the long lectures. Or perhaps the other way around.

Let’s put that in terms of your next event: Your conference is full of varied kinds of learners. How are you accommodating them?

That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Tailor Your Teaching Styles

Left brain or right brain? Depending on the event-goer, that could mean a lot, according to Executive Oasis’ Anne Thornley-Brown. “We all learn using visual, kinesthetic, and auditory cues to assimilate information during the learning process, but most learners tend to dominate in one preferred style,” she says on Cvent. “It is similar to the difference between writing with the left of right hand. Everyone can write with either hand, but most people are right- or left-hand dominant. They write more easily and legibly with their dominant hand.” Are you making room for multiple kinds of learning in your event materials? (ht @speakersearch)

More Thoughts on Lance

As we pointed out last week, there’s a leadership lesson to learn from Lance Armstrong’s resignation from the Livestrong Foundation. But as Joan Eisenstodt points out, there’s also an ethical question to be asked. As University of Toronto bioethicist Kerry Bowman notes, the image damage the foundation faces may still linger on a false-pretenses front. “For everyone that gave money to Livestrong Foundation, unfortunately there’s a certain amount of fraudulence to that,” he said. How do you parse these questions at your association? Armstrong’s Tour de France wins were officially revoked on Monday. (ht @JoanEisenstodt)

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