Social Media Roundup: Why You Need a Curator

Social Media Roundup: Why You Need a Curator

Looking for a good editorial voice? Don't be afraid to trust someone else's. Also: Association web design mistakes.

Curating content online is like curating art — well, kinda.

Some people have better taste than others, and like someone who can pick the right photo, someone who knows what makes a good story has a certain intangible skill that can sometimes be hard for the average person to grasp.

Maybe you should hire one? Curation for associations, and more great stuff, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Curate Your Voice

Not hip and in the know? Perhaps your association knows a company that is. And perhaps that company specializes in curation for associations — and can give you the kind of voice you want to have. “A content curator should forever be on the lookout for new credible content sources for gathering new tidbits, articles, news and blogs related to your business and audience,” writes Well Planned Web’s Deana Goldasich. “This goes well beyond a basic Twitter feed, Facebook search and Google. A real content curator sets up and constantly refines dashboards, alerts, tags and feeds to scour.” Need an idea of what to look for? Fortunately, she has a list. (ht @ChatterBachs)

Focus on Users’ Needs, Not Just Yours

An oldie but still very true: So, what’s wrong with your association’s site? According to Nielsen Norman Group’s Amy Schade, you’re focused on the wrong thing. Among the biggest mistakes? Don’t hide your content behind a login wall. “It’s OK to require users to log-in, but don’t do it right away,” she said during a 2011 presentation covered by MeetingsNet. “The user doesn’t know yet if your organization or your site is worth it. Give them something, then ask for the log-in.” Other no-nos: Cheesy stock images and a design that doesn’t follow traditional convention. (ht @MJTydings)

How’s your site looking these days? Show it to us in the comments.

Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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