Idea Bank: Three’s Company

Who says welcoming a new member has to be a one-time thing?

What’s the great idea? Deliver your ­welcome-kit materials over three months instead of all at once, using different formats and points of contact.

Our members really seem to thrive on receiving this packet of information right at their doorstep.

Who’s doing it? The Licensing Executives Society of USA and Canada.

What’s involved? New LES members receive a welcome email with log-in information and links to several web pages to help them get connected with the organization. Then, at the end of their first month, they get hard copies of LES’s journal, the latest newsletter, education materials, and a welcome letter. Finally, in the third month, another email with information on LES’s professional interest groups and social media channels is sent out in an effort to get the new member engaged. In addition to building awareness and involvement with LES activities, this approach introduces members to different LES staff with each interaction.

What are people saying? After a year, LES has seen mostly positive feedback from members. “At the very least, because we reference the kits in their initial welcome email, they’re sure to reach out and let us know if they don’t receive these materials,” says Erin Murphy, manager of membership engagement. “We’ve taken this as a sign that they not only see the kit as a valuable resource but are taking the time to read through our initial outreach.” An all-digital welcome kit was launched during a trial membership campaign and may be the future of the program, but for now, the print piece is still important. “Our members really seem to thrive on receiving this packet of information right at their doorstep,” Murphy says.

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