Lunchtime Links: Associations’ Big Thing in 2013?

A wishlist for 2013 that associations can grant. Plus: Are you planning on giving client or employee gifts this year? See how your generosity ranks.

The year 2012 is almost behind us, and with that, 2013 is just on the horizon. And so comes the onslaught of predictions, resolutions, and promises to do better. Associations are no different. What is your association hoping to improve upon in 2013? Do you have a focus for the year ahead?

I see pricing as one of the most important issues facing our industries, particularly as it has so many facets beyond profitability.

That and more in today’s Lunchtime Links:

What’s on your wishlist? Peter Shankman—founder of Help a Reporter Out,  an online service that connects journalists with knowledgeable sources—acknowledges his inbox has recently become inundated with emails trying to pinpoint what the next “big thing in 2013” will be. His response is a list of eight hopes he has for the new year, including that organizations stop placing too much emphasis on social media, that they focus on building a mobile web presence, and that we all agree to nix the cliche “the next big thing.” Oh, and that we listen better. Make sure to listen to your clients and audience. “If I hope for nothing else from this list, it’s that,” Shankman says. What do you think of his advice? Are there certain nuggets of wisdom you hope will guide your association in 2013?

The price is right: Struggling over pricing for your association? Mariela Mcllwraith, the president of business consulting firm MeetingChange,  gives several key pieces of advice—from how to adopt better discount prices to how to use pricing to improve member engagement—in a recent series of blog posts. “I see pricing as one of the most important issues facing our industries, particularly as it has so many facets beyond profitability,” she says. “Pricing involves more than math; it also involves ethics, an understanding of your stakeholders and of the economic context.” How has your pricing strategy developed this year? Have you adopted discount practices or dynamic pricing to increase member engagement?

The giving season: Are you planning to give employee or client gifts this season? According to a recent survey from the Advertising Specialty Institute, the average amount spent on a client gift is $26, while the average spent on an employee gift is $42. With this in mind, it might be time to officially adopt a corporate gift policy. The spending is down some from last year, where the averages hovered around $30 per client and $43 per employee, but the most popular gifts for clients are still edible treats such as popcorn or food baskets with a company logo. Have you given an especially memorable client or employee gift in recent years?

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