Social Media Roundup: North America’s Smartest Cities

Do you live in the top 10 smartest cities in North America? Plus: Must-know networking tips before your next big conference.

Sure, you might know the eight Ivy League schools off the top of your head, but do you know what cities take the cake for being the smartest in the land? The rankings point to more than just an average IQ, giving a glimpse into a slew of cities that are well rounded and prime for future growth. Does yours make the top 10?

That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

City Smarts

What do Washington DC, Boston, and Montreal have in common? According to Boyd Cohen at Co.EXIST (a sister site to FastCompany), they’re all pretty smart. Based on Cohen’s creation called the “Smart Cities Wheel,” 10 cities were chosen as the smartest of them all. The Wheel took into account indicators such as embracing creativity, healthy lifestyles, a go-green mentality, and productivity to narrow down cities that scored high across all six components: Smart Mobility, Smart People, Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Environment, and Smart Governance. Though the article focuses on cities as a whole, the lessons in the analysis can easily apply to organizations everywhere. Do you live in one of the top 10 cities? How would you rank your city’s business savvy? (ht @jmcnichol)

Meeting “IRL”

Talking over the internet can be so easy, but what happens when you meet “IRL” (in real life)? Emily Stone, CEO and business matchmaker at TMT Connect, guest blogged on Shhmooze about this very topic. She chats about how to combine virtual and face-to-face networking for optimal interactions, including how to use social sites to your advantage and doing your research on who’s attending what and what they’d most like to talk about. “Remember building business relationships takes time,” she says. “You may need to meet someone new face to face several times before anything comes of it.” What’s your best networking tip? How have you eased into a new relationship with a business connection? (ht @NapkkinINC)

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