Lunchtime Links: Embrace Your Relationship With the Media

Instead of hiding from a relationship with the media, become a trusted source by embracing it. Also: The secret behind getting a Twitter account verified.

A media outlet just called. Does it feel like it’s time to run for cover?

Why you shouldn’t, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Work on your media rep: Finding it a challenge to deal with the media? (Perhaps out of concern the situation will end up like this?) Instead of avoiding it, embrace it, Kathy Deters argues in a guest post on Steve Drake’s blog. “Nurturing a strong relationship with the news media helps ensure that when your association has good news to share, someone is listening,” she explains. “Establishing yourself as a credible source also increases the likelihood that the media will give you an opportunity to comment when your organization or association is preparing for the impact of changing rules or legislation.” Does your association try to avoid the media…or is it ready to talk at a moment’s notice?

How Twitter accounts get verified: Your association may have a degree of fame on Twitter, but you’re wondering “how do I get one of those blue check marks on my account?” Well, it doesn’t work like that, according to The Huffington Post’s Craig Kanalley. He has a really good explanation for why verified accounts became a thing (hint: St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa was involved), and how some accounts get chosen and others don’t. Is your association a high-quality source that deserves verification? Be sure to check out Gizmodo’s article on the matter.

No coddling allowed: Once a leader makes his or her way up the organizational chart, the first instinct might be to take issues off that person’s plate because of a busy schedule and new duties. That’s a mistake, Jamie Notter argues. “We mean well, of course,” he writes. “They are busy and they don’t have time for all that. I get it. But it’s a slippery slope. It starts with sparing them the details, and it ends up with the emperor having no clothes and no one telling him about it.” While it might be nice to give leaders a little bit of distance from the trenches, sometimes that’s just the thing those leaders need to know about.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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