Social Media Roundup: Do Your Members Feel Part of Something Special?

Don't ignore the value of exclusivity. Also: how to use games to instigate collaboration and teambuilding.

Members value exclusivity and perks. But is your association making its members feel like they’re a part of a select group?

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

The Value In Exclusivity

Jonah Berger is an expert on all things viral. The Wharton School of Business professor has been analyzing the difference between what catches on as a trend and what’s merely a fad that won’t go away. Fast Company was kind enough to publish an excerpt of his upcoming book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On. In the excerpt, Berger uses Rue La La’s success as a case study for the psychological effects of exclusivity. “If people get something not everyone else has, it makes them feel special, unique, high status. And because of that, they’ll not only like a product or service more but tell others about it,” Berger writes. Marketing consultant Meredith Low poses the million-dollar question: “Does your association leverage the value of exclusivity?” (ht @LowMeredith)

The Game Of Teambuilding

How do you engage a group of people to collaborate and share? Event organizer (or shall we say event creator) Jenny Stainfeld has a suggestion: Make your team play. The purpose is not only collaboration, but also education. She calls this “edu-tainment,” which she says softens the tension sorrounding teambuilding circles. It pushes everyone to participate, to be as much an educator as a student. “Everything is new and shared, so there’s no room for judgment, for fear, or for overthinking,” she writes. (ht @TrimsUnlimited)

What fun things have you been sharing today? Let us know in the comments.


Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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