Social Media Roundup: How to Handle a Challenging Decision

Leaders are constantly facing challenges, but how can they minimize the cost of error? Also: Why the future of marketing lies in intimacy.

Don’t you wish a Magic 8 Ball would actually predict the future? Unfortunately, prediction tools aren’t very useful while trying to make decisions.

How one leadership coach thinks you should tackle challenges, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Swaying Between Decisions

How do you confront your leadership challenges? Sometimes you find yourself in a lose-lose situation, but decisions must be made. That’s why leadership coach Sandro da Silva created “The Leadership Pendulum.” “The Leadership Pendulum is a tool that helps leaders become aware of what other possibilities there are between the two extremes they at the moment see,” he explains. “Moving from one extreme to the other, leaders are invited to translate what the different pendulum positions mean to their current challenge. After translating what those different positions mean, they decide which best to use or implement.” (ht @nghannoum)

Maintaining the Human Touch

Last time I checked, humanity isn’t made up of robots. Humans liked to be communicated with as if they matter, so, in marketing, you must show your audience that they are important to you. Dave Hutchison, head of the North American Marketing team at SAP, was interviewed by B2B Marketing Insider about the future of marketing. One of the things that he highlighted was the future lies in intimacy. “We need to break through the clutter, establish a connection, build trust and credibility and maintain a relationship over time,” Hutchison said. “I believe this is a lost art that is not gone but rather sleeping. Time to wake up!” How do you express to your audience and members that they matter to your association? (ht @RebeccaLPage)

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Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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