Social Media Roundup: Walk the Walk to Show What You Value

Social Media Roundup: Walk the Walk to Show What You Value

What is your organization really about? It may not be what's in the mission statement. Also: How to prepare your conference for a culturally diverse group of attendees.

What’s your true mission? And we’re not talking about the statement.

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

What’s Being Rewarded?

If you peel back the mission statement, what does your association really value? Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE, CEO of Spark Consulting, says that an association’s true identity lies in what it offers its customers and employees, not in its mission statement. “Brand authenticity drives brand loyalty. If you’re open and authentic about what life is really like inside your organization, you’ll find yourself doing business with staff and customers who are truly of a like mind and can align themselves with what your organization is truly values, not some nice, sappy-sounding thing that’s on your website that is patently false,” she writes in the Spark Consulting blog. And when your organization is honest, “the people who do choose to do business with you will be choosing that from an authentic place and will, ultimately, be happier.” (ht @votenet)

Conference Diversity

Are you hosting foreign attendees? Maybe a speaker speaks a different language or some of your attendees need time for prayer. From food to religion, most cultures outside the U.S. do conferences differently. Make sure you cater to these attendees to help them feel at home and at ease at your conference. Anjalina Pradhan, a graduate student in international meetings management in the U.K., brings up how different cultures have varying learning techniques and asks how event professionals should prepare for this in her post for Viktorix. “Indeed, various cultures have very different ways of learning and it may not be possible to satisfy them all, but do we then do a cultural background check to support their learning or do we organise the usual standard presentation or lecture by a speaker and hope everybody learns?” she writes. How do you prepare for a diverse audience? (ht @viktorixcom)

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Anita Ferrer

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