Social Media Roundup: Why Online Engagement Takes Planning

How to choose the right strategy for developing an online member community. Also: Your conference attendees may not be coming back for seconds. Here's why.

Your members are active online. How does your association leverage their community engagement?

That, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Keep Your Online Community Engaged

What’s your online engagement strategy? Building and retaining an online member community requires strategy and data analytics. Socious‘ Joshua Paul has a few recommendations for developing one for your association. For instance, if your members are active in your social networks, create groups in LinkedIn or Facebook instead of relying on walls or fan pages. “You need the shared mission of the community and the focus on sharing with, helping, and believing in the community to be front and center in customers’ or members’ minds,” he writes. “‘Walls’ on social networks are not nearly as capable of fostering this approach as online groups.” (ht @blaisegv)

Attendee Retention

You had a great conference last year, and attendance went way up. Yet this year’s RSVP list is different. A lot of first-timers have RSVP’d, but it seems many of last year’s guests aren’t attending. What could’ve gone wrong? PCMA offers three reasons why those attendees may not be coming back for more. From recruiting speakers to breaking up cliques, make sure your conference is packed with engagement opportunities and professional opportunities to keep veterans and first-timers coming back. (ht @theexpogroup)

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Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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