Lunchtime Links: Leave A Footprint That Won’t Wash Away

Take it from marketing geniuses: leaving an impression in members' minds can benefit your organization. Also: PCMA's Convening Leaders gives brainstorming ideas a new setup.

One of the basic principles of marketing is that brands should strive to leave a lasting impression in  consumers’ minds. How can your association do the same?

That, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Keep a foothold: Once your organization grabs a someone’s attention, it’s key to make an impression that lasts for more than that moment, according to Jeffrey Cufaude of Idea Architects. That impression boils down to the type of experience your association is offering members and event attendees. “In our time-pressed world, organizations would be wise to extend this concept deeper into their products and services mix. A continuing education workshop could also include a social or networking component,” Cufaude suggests. How does your association leave a lasting impression on its members?

Quick brainstorming sessions: This year’s Convening Leaders planning event in Boston, hosted by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), brought together a group of meeting professionals to brainstorm a theme for 2014. Attendees were introduced to a topic, such as education outside the classroom, experiences, and even lunch, and then broken up into five-person groups among five stations to discuss it for  25 minutes. Afterward the groups shared their discussions and ideas for 25 minutes. The result of the five-hour session, according to Mary Reynolds Kane, PCMA’s senior director of experience marketing, was pretty spectacular. “Everyone brought their unique perspective, and we built creative solutions geared toward ensuring the continued evolution of our meeting,” she wrote.

Maintaining member relations: Even though it’s a tough time to incentivize membership, careful planning and realistic expectations can make a difference during the recruiting process. “It’s a tough landscape out there for associations. But your organization can thrive with the right plan for recruiting and retaining members. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when those members are so actively engaged that they become the cornerstone for your next wave of outreach and for the idea generation that will carry you into a more certain future,” writes Meagan Rockett at Greenfield Services.

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Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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