Social Media Roundup: Time to Categorize Your Notes

It can be time-consuming, but working to categorize your notes can ensure what’s in them turns into action. Also: What happens when budgets get involved in strategic planning? An association consultant's take on budget and decision-making.

Between notes, Post-its, and digital note-taking, you may be losing touch with your ideas and to-do lists. How can you make sure those items don’t just stay on paper?

Ideas to help you categorize your notes, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Sea Of Paperwork

Notes can get lost in a sea of paperwork and documents. Keep all the bits and pieces in one spot to make sure what’s on them turns into something that gets done, recommends organizational guru Michelle Nickolaisen. This initial step makes it easier to sort through them, especially when they’re organized into categories. “Here’s the key to effective sorting—you have to sort it into categories that are useful for you. Not someone else, but you and your habits,” Nickolaisen says. What are some of your organizational techniques for important notes and documents? (ht @SmarterShft)

Money and Strategy

Should budget be part of your association’s strategy? According to association consultant Jamie Notter, “financial sustainability is not a choice” and shouldn’t be a part of your strategic plan. Financial sustainability is “not a path to success, it is a metric of success. My fear is that we include it in our plans because historically there were time periods where financial sustainability was ignored, so we add it in to make sure it gets our attention,” he writes. Do you keep budget outside of your strategic choices? (ht @votenet)

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Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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