Social Media Roundup: Don’t Be Afraid of Advice

You'll never know what your association members want unless you ask, so encourage feedback. Also: Could a lack of creativity lead to the demise of your organization?

A little help never hurt anyone, so don’t be afraid to ask.

In today’s Social Media Roundup, we discover the value of asking your members (and nonmembers) for advice and how to keep the creativity alive in your organization.

Suggestion Box

Create a community where feedback counts. Associations bring together people who share the same profession, interest, or cause. To foster a truly engaged community of members (and nonmembers), leaders must be open to advice. “What would your members say if you asked how your association could be better? It might be time to ask,” writes Deirdre Reid for Avectra. Don’t be afraid to take to Twitter, Facebook, and other social outlets to ask for feedback. The answers you receive could shape the future of your association. (ht @avectra)

Endless Creativity

Creativity in motion stays in motion. Innovation is fueled by creativity, and when your organization is running low on creativity, the survival stakes rise. In an article for AllThingsD, Peter Arvai, CEO and cofounder of Prezi, writes: “Through having a purpose and unleashing creativity, savvy companies will stay relevant longer and make themselves an attractive tribe to join.”  (ht @pimplomat)

How do you let creativity flourish in your organization? Share your thoughts in the comments.



Jasmine McGee

By Jasmine McGee

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