Social Media Roundup: 6 Tips for Taking Great Notes

Social Media Roundup: 6 Tips for Taking Great Notes

The ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition starts this weekend—improve your note-taking skills just in time. Plus: Should the top boss share power?

Whether you’re taking notes on your mobile device or with good ol’ fashioned pen and paper, you’ll want to do it effectively. Here are some tips to follow.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:


Write it down. With ASAE’s 2013 Annual Meeting  & Expo just around the corner, it might be time to sharpen up your note-taking skills. It’s especially true in our modern paperless age where many attendees may be scribbling down notes on mobile devices instead of with a pen. Tip number one: Hear something important? Tweet it. You can go back and check your tweets later. Sarah Hill of MemberClicks offers five more tips for effective note taking. Mobile devices are great, but you’ll never catch me without my trusty Moleskine notebook. It never runs out of battery power. (ht @MemberClicks)


Should CEOs share power? A handful of them are, according to an article posted at LinkedIn by Jennifer Merritt. The growth of multinational companies has led to an unusual arrangement: Some have multiple CEOs who manage individual geographic regions. One such company is Whole Foods. The pros: Decisions are made where business is actually done instead of miles away by a distant chief executive. The cons: Egos can get in the way, and employees may be confused about who’s in charge. To make it work, co-CEOs need to get along, share a vision, and have similar professional values. (ht @pimplomat)

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