Social Media Roundup: Communication Is a Two-Way Street

Hey you, are you listening to your members or just talking to them? Here's how to improve the balance. Also: Five tips for making your office space more productive.

If your association is on Twitter and other social media websites, don’t just use those services to disseminate info. Here are six ways to turn social media into a two-way conversation.

These tips, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Two-Way Conversation

Social media makes it easy to talk to—and hear from—your members. If you run an association, you probably already have an active social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+—you’re updating them all. But social media is not just a way to address your members. It’s also a great place to hear from them. Meagan Rockett of the Membership Engagement Blog offers six tips to turn your social media activity into a two-way conversation. Here’s one: “Pay attention to comments and criticism. If you see an opportunity to change or improve your operations, seize it—and acknowledge the source of the good idea.” How do you get feedback from your members? (ht @rockettm)

Redesign Your Office Space

Your office space may be holding you back. Tear down those walls. Private offices may be a thing of the past, according to Stephanie Zimmerman at Instead, she recommends providing both collaborative areas and quiet spaces. It’s the first of five tips that can help make your office space more productive. “Don’t be afraid to shake things up,” she writes. (ht @fpweb)

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Chris Brandon

By Chris Brandon

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