Social Media Roundup: Do You Work During Your Vacation?

More than half of the respondents to a recent survey said their boss expects them to work during vacation. Plus: Are Facebook hashtags a failure?

Technological advances have made it easier to work anywhere, even on the beach. But isn’t the point of vacation to unplug and unwind? Apparently not for many bosses.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Working Vacation

WiFi on the beach. Summer vacation season is in full swing, but many workers are packing their laptops along with their sunblock and swimsuits. According to an infographic tweeted by USA TODAY, 54 percent of people surveyed say their boss expects them to work during vacation. A separate survey last month found similar data: More than half of American employees take business calls or check work emails while vacationing. Why can’t we unplug? Technological advances like cloud networking and high-speed internet connectivity have made it easier to work anywhere. Remind me to plan my next vacation on a remote island with no electricity. (ht @USATODAY)

Facebook Hashtags


#notworking. If you manage your association’s Facebook page, you may have noticed awhile back that you can now use hashtags much as you can on Twitter. Conceivably, your association could reach new members by tagging posts with your industry hashtags like #engineering or #cheesemakers. But it turns out, according to a new study by the social media analytics firm Simply Measured, Facebook hashtags have failed to catch on. Posts with hashtags perform the same as those without. Perhaps it’s still early. Simply Zesty offers tips on how to use Facebook hashtags effectively. Don’t forget to set your posts to public.

What does work on Facebook? The same study says visual posts such as photos see more engagement, including likes, comments, and shares. Better start adding more pictures to your Facebook posts. And guess what? You can hashtag photos. (ht @GeekVishal)

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