Social Media Roundup: How Meeting Venues Have Evolved

Meeting venues have changed dramatically since the days of large, open ballrooms. Plus: eight ways to connect with your members on Facebook.

Today’s meeting attendees require highly interactive workspaces and blazing fast internet. That old hotel ballroom won’t cut it. What makes a proper meeting space today?

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:


How meeting venues have evolved: Can you remember a time when a perfectly good meeting space was a hotel ballroom with an overhead projector and a catering kitchen? That would never serve for today’s plugged-in meeting attendees. Jay MacDonald of Elite Meetings International writes, “Today, property bandwidth trumps ballroom capacity, anywhere/anytime food service trumps signature restaurants, daylight trumps florescent light, and a concierge with IT skills trumps that friendly guide to local attractions.” He says making spaces distinctive and stimulating is going to be key to future meeting venues. One example: a hotel sky bar overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. Sounds like my kind of meeting. (ht @eventfarm)


Don’t just beg your members to “like this.” Mashable asked eight entrepreneurs to suggest creative ways to make deep, lasting connections with their customers on Facebook. This one may be the best tip for associations: Interact in a private Facebook community. “We invite our customers into a private community on Facebook where they can interact with us and one another, share war stories and where they can turn for support. It’s an amazing way to help them see us as a conduit for them as a united front of crusaders,” says Corey Blake of Round Table Companies. (ht @VelChain)

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