Lunchtime Links: The Anatomy of a Modern Employee

Times are changing, and so are the qualities you need in your workforce. There are a few things you should look for. Also: Want to learn how to make a video? Here’s what to consider before you start shooting.

The definition of a great employee is changing. Are our employees keeping up?

What that means, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

The modern employee: The workforce generations to come are accustomed to change and adapt well to new technologies—a quality that Jacob Morgan, principal and cofounder of management consulting firm Chess Media Group, sees as essential in modern employees. “This new workforce means new behaviors and new technologies; employees should be stepping forward together and embracing the change that is going to make their jobs and lives easier,” Morgan writes for Forbes. Check out his column for other must-have qualities to look for in today’s employees.

Through the lens: It’s no mystery that video draws eyeballs—sometimes a lot of them. According to several studies, video is persuasive, more memorable than other forms of content, and even enhances SEO results. Association social media consultant Kiki L’Italien, interested in the topic because she’s working on a video of her own, highlights some things to consider before producing a video, such as budget, space, talent, and more. Fundamentally, you should make sure you’re informed about all the elements that go into producing a good video, so in case you need to hire a videographer to help, you know exactly what to demand. How does your association use video?

Do it right: There’s skepticism among some content marketers over the results social media generates. It’s difficult to measure results, and keeping the community engaging requires effort. Carter Hostelley, founder and CEO of Leadtail, an online marketing and social media agency, believes B2B marketers make some mistakes when it comes to managing their social networks. Writing for CMSWire, he lists five ways content marketers are incorrectly approaching social media and how to fix them. (Our own Ernie Smith has some ideas on this topic, too—and they involve robots.)

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By Anita Ferrer

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