Lunchtime Links: Twitter’s Plan for Stronger News Coverage

Why Twitter is attaching relevant news headlines to your tweets. Also: How to convert introverts into successful association executives.

Big changes are in the offing at Twitter. In a move to become more newsworthy, the social media giant recently announced a new program that will link some users’ tweets to relevant news headlines.

How the program could affect your association, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Every piece of content produced for an event is a make or break for attracting attendees. Find your story, and in return, your attendees will find you.

Extra, extra: In a an effort to play up its growing influence as a platform for breaking news, social media giant Twitter recently announced that it will link some newsworthy tweets to related news coverage. As Selena Larson explains on ReadWrite, the new feature will attach a list of related content to the end of some newsworthy tweets, giving users a chance to read more about a particular topic. “By adopting related headlines on tweets that become news, Twitter clearly aims to maintain its position as a premier news source,” explains Larson. But there’s a catch: Users cannot control which headlines attach to their content. Will this new feature change how your association uses Twitter?

Give introverts a chance: When it comes to leadership, a lot of people assume that the most outspoken and ambitious among us rule the day. But introverts also wield certain personal characteristics important to great leaders, writes Victor Lipman for Forbes. Many introverts are known for their ability to analyze situations quickly, listen carefully, and issue thoughtful responses. The hard part, for them, is finding a way to break out. “You have to be willing to make yourself get up and speak in front of lots of people, and run large and contentious meetings, and wade into interpersonal conflict … when your natural inclination might be to go home and read Anna Karenina,” he says. How do you inspire introverts to step up in your organization?

Event Promotion 101: There are more than a few ways to effectively promote your next association event. But not every marketing strategy is created equal. Writing for The Social Tables Blog, online marketing programs manager Holly Krenek suggests associations consider the benefits of content marketing. For starters, she says, consider the “whys.” Why are you holding the event? And what are your goals? Once you’ve established those priorities, establish who your audience is and begin to craft your story based on their needs, not yours. Remember, “[E]very piece of content produced for an event is a make or break for attracting attendees,” writes Krenek. “Find your story, and in return, your attendees will find you.”

What are some of your event-promotion techniques? Share them with us in the comments.


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By Anita Ferrer

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