Social Media Roundup: How to Keep Your Workers Loyal

You don’t have to spend big bucks dishing out crazy perks to inspire employee loyalty. Plus: Respond to positive comments, not just the negative ones.

Google employees rave about the campus perks, but it turns out they have high turnover. Here are four better ways to keep employees and volunteers loyal.

That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Employee Loyalty

Thank you for being a friend: Google is well known for its employee perks: things like coffee and juice bars, an onsite gym, even free haircuts. It’s number one on Fortune’s list of the best companies to work for. You’d think such unusual benefits would inspire unwavering loyalty, right? As it turns out, Google ranks fourth in a recent survey of employee turnover. That’s refreshing news for small businesses and organizations that don’t have the resources to compete with the likes of Google for talent. Inc. lists four things that will keep employees loyal—and not one of them is money, which means these suggestions can help you attract and retain volunteers, too. One of the tips from their list: Give people the opportunity to do great work. “No one worth their salt is going to hang around while you do everything important or exciting yourself, or play favorites with who gets to do the good stuff.” Easy. No need to build a campus hair salon. (ht @IMIAE)


Accentuate the positive: Sometimes it feels like the web is powered by negativity. I’m looking at you, Grumpy Cat. We often overlook the constructive or genial conversations that occur online, so when someone leaves a positive comment on your blog or Facebook page, be sure to acknowledge it. Small business consultant Jeff Korhan offers five suggestions for responding to positive comments. Make a connection, he says: “Do you have something in common with the commenter? If so, blend that into your comment. Now you are referencing a shared relationship to thereby establish common ground.” Read the rest of his tips, and if you post a positive comment below, I promise to respond. (ht @ASegar)

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