Social Media Roundup: Millennials Imagine No Possessions

Millennials don’t care much about possessions like expensive cars. What do they value? Plus: Ex-Googlers answer common SEO myths.

Owning a car used to be a right of passage for boomers and Gen Xers. Not so for today’s youth. Millennials do fine without a lot of possessions.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Mind of Millennials

Young, wild, and free: If you’re trying to understand and attract young people, a new detail is emerging in the portrait of millennials: They’re not big into possessions. That’s the news from NPR, whose series on the changing car culture in America found that many millennials are ditching cars in favor of public transportation. Why the paradigm shift? Millennials watched their parents struggle financially during the economic crunch and housing crisis, and they’ve also grown up in an era in which things we used to pay for, like music and movies, can be found online for free. So what do millennials value? Experiences. They’re more into just hanging out with friends, and thanks to smartphones and social networks, they share those experiences online. Creating a valuable experience may be the way to reach millennials. On the other hand, as one commenter on NPR pointed, all this may be putting a spit shine on “being poor.” Maybe millennials are learning to make do with less because they face a challenging job market. (ht @deirdrereid)

SEO Myths

The myth is busted: Paying for Google AdWords does not improve your rankings in organic search. Google Search and Google AdWords are totally separate, according to four ex-Google employees who address common SEO myths at the website State of Search. We also learn that creating fresh content will help you rank higher at Google, but high-quality content is more important than high quantity. This is why having a strong content strategy is so critical. Read the rest of their Google truths, and tell us what SEO legends you’ve heard. (ht @SEO)

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