Social Media Roundup: Should Livestrong Donors Get Their Money Back?

A Livestrong donor says he’s been duped, and now he wants his money back. Are nonprofits obliged to offer refunds if they don’t meet donors’ expectations? Plus: what your messy desk says about you.

If your association accepts donations, you may want to heed the lessons of the Livestrong Foundation, which may face a lawsuit by disgruntled donors.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Donor Dollars

No money-back guarantee. Do disgruntled donors deserve their money back? That’s a question arising in the wake of last year’s Lance Armstrong doping scandal—as the cancer charity he founded, Livestrong, is reportedly about to face at least one lawsuit. Michael Birdsong tells CBS News that he’s donated more than $50,000 to Livestrong, and now he wants it back. What’s his beef? Like many people, he believed that Livestrong invests in cancer research. The organization actually uses its funds to support cancer patients and their families with programs like transportation and ongoing dialogue on the disease’s effects. Birdsong is also outraged that Livestrong flew staff members overseas to tweet about Armstrong’s performance in the Tour de France, an expense he calls frivolous but that Livestrong likely considers a fundraising expense. As for the donations, a spokesperson for Livestrong says they do not offer refunds. What’s the takeaway here for nonprofits and associations that accept donations? Make it very clear where your dollars go. (ht @BonnieMcEwan)

Messy Desks

Mine is covered in magazines. The state of your desk may reveal things about you. Jennifer Miller of Co.Create has the results from a recent study about desktop tidiness. It turns out a messy desk may not be such a bad thing. People with cluttered workspaces break free of tradition and generate more interesting ideas. On the other hand, keeping a clean workspace says you “do the right things” such as eating healthy foods and making charitable donations. One practical implication of this study: If you want to get people to donate to your organization, keep a simple, clean website. And if you want to get the creative juices flowing, make a mess. (ht @Events_4_Change)

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