Social Media Roundup: Give That Copy a Trim

The art of writing short shouldn't be ignored on the web. Also: why you should save your personal anecdotes for another time.

This entire post is right around 250 words. Why? Check out our Social Media Roundup:

Try Something Snappier

Are you finding that your association’s site just isn’t drawing eyeballs? Doreen Ashton Wagner and Jeff Chabot, writing for MultiBriefs, have some ideas for improvement. Among their tips: Be brief. “Too many words on a page will discourage visitors, many of whom are now using mobile devices to look up information,” they write. “What looks reasonable on a desktop computer often is too lengthy on an iPhone or tablet.” Instead, they recommend 250 words or less. Head over this way to learn more. (ht @ViewOnAssocs)

The Problem With Advice

Are you in an advice-giving mood? If so, Idea Architects’ Jeffrey Cufaude suggests you take a step back and think about what you’re offering. If you’re about to give advice from personal experience, he says, it may be the opposite of helpful. “Stop and ask yourself if you’re about to finish that sentence with advice based on your experiences, your interests, your values, your needs, and your aspirations,” he writes. “If you are, it might be best if you say nothing.” Here’s what Cufaude suggests you do instead. (ht @SCMSJanine)

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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