Social Media Roundup: Google Glass Will Get You Glogging

Video blogging's future may soon lie in the eyes of the beholder---if they're wearing Google Glass. Plus: how one disgruntled customer used a promoted tweet to criticize a company.

Traditional point-and-shoot video blogging might get the boot as Google Glass hits the market and “glogging” hits the scene. Could your event be the better for it?

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Visionary Blogging

Video posts get personal: The crystal ball of vlogging’s future points to “glogging”: video blogging paired with Google Glass, a nifty, wearable computer scheduled for a 2014 release. The Google Glass camera sits right next to the wearer’s eye. The result: a documented take of just what the blogger sees. “Glogging puts viewers not just in the room, but in the glogger’s shoes,” writes Annie Pilon of Small Business Trends. Think interactive, live-streaming, and hands-free recording. Glogging also permits automatic syncing with your Google+ account. It’s a visionary idea for an interactive platform, and given the right setting (maybe your expo floor?), it could prove a big hit. (ht @womenonbusiness)

Promotion pains

Everyone’s got a bit of baggage. Just don’t lose it: Purchased, promoted tweets appear high in searches, while tailing their way up Twitter’s trending topics list. But, as Mashable’s Todd Wasserman reports, “promotion” can cut both ways. Case in point: Twitter user Hasan Syed bought his own tweet after British Airways allegedly failed to track down his father’s lost luggage. The tweet, calling the airline’s customer service “horrendous,” went viral—highlighting the efficiency of promoted content in quickly garnering attention. British Airways did not respond directly but tweeted contact info for resolving complaints. The question that comes into play here: Why would a user buy a tweet to call out a company—or, say, an association? And if you were in British Airways’ shoes, how would you respond? (ht @CaitlinYork_)

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