Social Media Roundup: How Ben & Jerry’s Got the Local Scoop

Double scoop, please. Ben & Jerry's went local with its five-city campaign. Also: Get your handle on Twitter when promoting your association's party.

Ben & Jerry’s knows a thing or two about PR—like getting local when serving its loyal fans.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Cream of the Crop

Scooped: As it goes, chocolate ice cream doesn’t always come out on top. That’s just one of the findings from City Churned, Ben & Jerry’s local PR campaign, writes Ellen Sturm Niz of BizBash. “We tried to tap into everything that makes up a city—not just people voting, but whole cities, and both conscious and unconscious behaviors,” said Ben & Jerry’s Associate Digital Marketing Manager Michael Hayes. The campaign hit up five cities to engage Ben & Jerry’s “most loyal fans in [the] best markets” as well as find new ones. The ice cream company treated fans to frozen yogurts, racked up votes to create fan-suggested flavors (letting them taste the winning ones at ice cream launch events), used local ingredients “to reflect the personality of each city,” and coordinated community service events, like a beach cleanup. The whirlwind tour left Ben & Jerry’s with a refreshed mindset toward consumer trends. As for customers? Well, they got a taste of the company’s commitment. (ht @engagegrid)

A Little Birdie Told Me…

Tweetvitation: Forbes contributor Drew Hendricks gives the rundown on taking advantage of all Twitter can offer when planning a party. Among the tips: Your profile (information, picture, handle) should sync with your brand—and hashtags should relate to your event (e.g., @bestassocationever is hosting #coolestpartyoftheyear). Every partygoer loves a freebie, so give out a door prize—and announce the promotion first with that 140-character note. After the party, see how things went down on the hashtag, using the information to target future approaches. You’ll be planning the next party before you know it! #Seeyathere (ht @karow)

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A Washington DC resident votes on her favorite flavor in Ben & Jerry's City Churn. (YouTube screenshot)

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