Lunchtime Links: Hotel Hot Spots For Your Next Conference

The American Customer Satisfaction Index released its top-ranked hotels—locations to consider when planning your next conference. Also: How web design just got easier, courtesy of Google.

When conference time comes a-callin’, the big question remains: Where to host? Look no further—a recently released hotel satisfaction index could well give you some ideas. The details, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Get in the Marriott groove: It’s that time of the year—conference wrapped up, next meeting or event to plan. Looking for a hotel hot spot for your next event? Try Marriott. Two of the hotel chain’s brands topped the customer satisfaction charts—and Hilton hotels trailed just behind—in the 2013 American Customer Satisfaction Index Hotel Brand Study, Chicago Tribune travel columnist Ed Perkins reported. The index uses a 10-element checklist in its methodology, including a smooth check-in process, staff courtesy, consistent dining experience, and quality in-room entertainment. Fairfield Inn & Suites, Marriott’s midscale brand, topped the chart, followed by luxury JW Marriott hotels. “You don’t have to pay top dollar to enjoy a great hotel stay,” Perkins noted—but, as he cautions, you shouldn’t “expect miracles from the budget end of the scale either.” A high-ranked experience can add that extra oomph should you choose a hotel for a conference venue. Did someone say Jacuzzi? Sign us up!

Pandora’s box of Crayola colors: Black slims—but color attracts. And when choosing the best color fit for your association’s advertisement and branding initiatives, the right shade can make all the difference, reminds Digital Marketing NOW CEO Tom Shapiro in his latest MarketingProfs article. Peek into the palette: Red signifies energy. (Aha, that explains a bit or two about Coca-Cola’s signature shade.) Blue conveys strength and trust; orange imbues excitement. Get girly and romantic with pink or go friendly and optimistic with yellow. “With a color palette that evokes your brand’s true DNA, your marketing will achieve greater success,” writes Shapiro. Shade your association with the tinge that fits, coloring your organization the memorable way.

Creation zone: Helmet on, creativity and innovation in progress. To get all up to speed: Flash (the web plugin for videos) is slowly fading out (so long) and is being replaced by the hip, new HTML5. Need help embracing the change? Google delivers. As CMS Wire’s Anthony Myers reports, the search engine has released its Web Designer, a free animation and website builder that codes HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and XML for web pages and advertisements. The platform’s coding follows a responsive format, meaning your web design creation will shift in size relative to the screen—an essential element in today’s smartphone-tablet-desktop-laptop-viewing world. Best yet, Google’s Web Designer targets all—from those with design experience to the brave with none at all. Think revitalized websites and advertisements with content produced for a post-Flash internet era. Could this be the way to make it happen?

What upgrades are you making to your website? We’d love to hear in the comments below!


Emma Beck

By Emma Beck

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